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This form is to be used by Sponsored hosts only and is for the purpose of submitting a game to be placed on the schedule of the Event.

If you're submitting more than one, separate forms must be submitted, and hosts are limited to one game per day. Second games will be allowed only in the event that the schedule still has openings once all first requests are filled.

Please check the weekly schedule to be sure that your game and/or time and/or location won't conflict with a regularly scheduled game. Hosts are allowed to submit their regular games as Event Games, and get first call on their regular time slots. Please check the schedule again before the Event in case your first requested slot was unavailable. Every attempt will be made to give you your first choice.

Thank you in advance for contributing your valuable time to SeduCity as a host!

- NOTE -

Host 'Thank You' gifts will now be distributed directly through Consigliere Labrys. Once you have Submitted the Winner's Forms for all your games please ESP or ESP/mail her with your gift selection. Once she has verified you have submitted your winners form you will be given your gift straight away. This should ensure you get your gifts promptly.

Please fill out the form below in it's entirety.
If you have any questions, feel free to email:

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